Saturday, October 14, 2006

So I'm Back

As I related here just nine short days ago, I headed out last week on a cruise with the wife and in-laws. An enjoyable time was had by all. For your viewing pleasure, I have already updated the Standings and Scoreboard sections of the sidebar on this blog, and after spending a week away at sea, I have come back to find that the ACC still really, really sucks this year (apologies to Clemson, Georgia Tech and Wake Forest). However, allow me to add that it is becoming apparent that the SEC is a ridiculously over-hyped media-machine, the Big XII ain't much better and the Pac-10 is still USC and the nine dwarves.

Since I'm still in 24-hour-buffet, pool deck beers, and shore excursion mode, and not in much of a football mindset, allow me to give you some quick thoughts on my trip.

My wife; I love that gal.
The in-laws; so very cool.
The in-laws, for paying for the cruise.
Snorkeling off Cozumel.
The "scenery" around the pool decks.
The comedy shows aboard the ship.
The dining room staff--now that's customer service.
Not thinking about football the whole time.
Not thinking about the world the whole time.
Free food, all the time.

The Port of Calica- "ooooh, look, a limestone mine!"
The pushy Mexican shopkeepers. No means no!
$5 beers on the ship. Not that that stopped me.
All dancing shows aboard the ship.
Free food, all the time. I need new pants.

Four different kids sneezing on me the first day of the cruise.
The plumbing backing up on the last night of the cruise.
Coming home. Sort of.


TDD said...

FWIW, I probably didn't pick the right week to open up a Miami football blog. Feel free to check, though, as we iron out the kinks in the opening week or so.

Marcus said...

Nice blog tdd! I know what it's like to start a blog at a bad time...this is the worst season for ACC football in ages. Oh well.