Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Around the ACC Blogosphere

--Eagle in Atlanta gives a hearty thumbs up after BC's thrashing of Virginia Tech. And this may be his first post all year that does not include a Tom O'Brien bashing.

--For all you math nerds, Clem at Sporting Gnomes has a superb statistical analysis preview of the Clemson-Georgia Tech showdown this Saturday.

--Mobius at The Chop Shop is curiously optimistic about the Seminoles in general. Isn't optimism (or maybe it's "acceptance") one of those stages of loss that come after denial, anger, hopelessness?

--The dude at Georgia Tech Sports Blog has a nice breakdown of the recent history of the Jacket-Tiger Rivalry. Clemson-GT has always been one of my favorite ACC games each year.

--Turtle Waxing's Esquire doesn't seem all that jazzed about the Terps even after the incredible comeback win over Virginia. Oh wait....over Virginia....maybe he's got a point.

--The Miami blog Out of Kilter admittedly picked a wacky week to open for business.

--Heels Blog is apparently posting his last entry about UNC football 2006.

--Neither Section Six nor State Fans Nation seem all that upset about Wake's 25-23 win over the Pack.

--Blacksburg Beacon and Tech Superfans are now in the same pit of despair that FSU fans fell into 2 weeks ago.

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