Friday, September 22, 2006

The Week 4 Haiku Preview

Since the inaugural week 3 preview, haiku-style, was such a rousing success (note: when I see 0 comments, that means 0 criticism!), I offer an encore.

Cincinnati at Virginia Tech
Hokies look solid
But how good? I do not know
Fourth straight cake game
(The Pick: Virginia Tech 34, Cincinnati 10)

North Carolina at Clemson
Tar Heels, such a mess
Tigers, a power at last?
Proctor, Davis best in league
(The Pick: Clemson 37, North Carolina 13)

Rice at Florida State
Seminoles, a waste
On offense, a travesty!
No relief with Rice
(The Pick: Florida State 28, Rice 7)

Wake Forest at Mississippi
Wake, undefeated
Yes, you read that correctly
Still unbeaten Sunday
(The Pick: Wake Forest 24, Mississippi 17)

Florida International at Maryland
The Fridge in a funk
Should find some relief right here
At least he's not Groh
(The Pick: Maryland 30, FIU 7)

Boston College at NC State
Coach Chuck's farewell tour
Eagles say a rude goodbye
No more bad shades!
(The Pick: Boston College 30, NC State 14)

So it's not my best effort, but it's been a rough week. And I know this sounds a little wacky, but I've predicted the ACC to go undefeated out of conference this Saturday. Stupid and foolish, I know. I'm a slow learner.

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