Friday, September 22, 2006

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Just perusing this internet thingy on a Friday night, and I come across So I check out their odds on some of the college football matchups tomorrow and spot a few lines that look a bit generous to me.

If I was a betting man, I'd plunk down some moolah on the following:

Louisville (-14) at Kansas State
I know, I know, the Cards are totally due for a letdown, especially with Brohm out for a few weeks. Whoopty-doo. Louisville 38, Kansas State 17.

UTEP (-9) at New Mexico
UTEP hasn't hit on all cylinders yet and are still 1-1, even with Jordan Palmer playing like brother Carson pre-2002. Plus, New Mexico just really stinks. UTEP 35, New Mexico 14.

Temple at Western Michigan (-30)
Temple has lost by 62 for two straight weeks......both by a 62-0 score. And the Broncos are better than most give them credit for. But, watch for a back-door cover if Western gets too far ahead too early. WMU 41, Temple 7.

Tulane (+36) at LSU
Chalk this one up to a weird post-Katrina vibe, combined with an LSU hangover from the Auburn loss. LSU 38, Tulane 14.

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