Monday, January 5, 2009

Strange things are afoot at Boston College

Jeff Jagodzinski to be fired if he interviews with the New York Jets?

I have no idea what Jags' contract allows and doesn't allow, but there are ways to handle situations quietly and without ultimatums, and then there's the BC way. I don't know how Jags and BC come back from the brink, and the Eagles can ill afford to have a second straight messy coaching departure.

Tom O'Brien's move to Raleigh two years ago makes a hell of a lot more sense now, doesn't it?

Stay tuned.


Lee said...

Maybe they want him to go. Maybe losing to a team that Duke beat soundily on the road was more than the booster coudl handle. BC didn't come to play on New Years Eve and that's the head coach. Maybe they want him to leave.

Anonymous said...

DeFilippo, the BC AD, is a bonehead. His basketball team beats number 1 UNC, and the big story is his ego-driven threat to fire "his boy" Jags when he learns that Jags has lied to him about being in contact with the Jets.

What we now know at BC:

- Jags is dishonest, and has lied to his boss
- DeFlip has again had his ego crushed by a football coach (think Tom O'Brien, who definitely would not be DeFlip's butt boy)
- In a world class idiot move, DeFlip now has said he'll fire Jags if he interviews with the Jets, meaning he either is stuck with a proven fibber or has to follow through on the firing
- BC football is going down the tubes; right back to where Dan Henning left it; only Notre Dame will be happy about this

pfhokie said...

The BC AD is just an idiot. I don't really care what happened between he and Jags, he needs to grow up here. Never back someone into a corner like this. Jags is a good coach and BC will be hurt bad if he leaves. What's the big deal to Jags? If he gets fired for talking to the Jets, I don't think he's going to have a problem finding a job even if the Jets don't hire him. He will probably end up an offensive coordinator some where for a year and then go for a head coaching job either in college or the NFL. BC will have a major disaster on their hands if he leaves. Not only will the alumni be pissed (and Deflip can probably kiss his job good bye) but it will be a recruiting disaster a couple of weeks before signing day.

Marcus said...

Lee- Was that tongue in cheek?

Lee said...

I'm not sure to be honest. I don't think you say "If you interview for that promotion you are so totally fired!" If you REALLY want to keep a guy. You say something like "I understand the other company wants to pay you more money, perhaps we can work something out to keep you here. Go see what they have to say and then we will talk about it and I am sure we can come to an understanding to keep you on board" Right? I know which company I would tell to "go %^&* yourself" and which company I would have second thoughts about leaving.

Marcus said...

I think this is how BC operates. Right or wrong, depending on your viewpoint. But this would make two unpleasant coaching departures in 3 years, which tells me the way BC chooses to operate is very different from most other places.

I don't think losing to Vandy has anything to do with this.

Lee said...

Well the Vandy thing is kind of tongue in cheek. Although it is embarassing. They were spanked in two ACC Championships too. Maybe they think they are more than they are and Jags is holding them back. I just don't think you come out and say that if you really want to keep the coach. Unless you're a moron. Maybe they're morons. As a MD fan I am happy about the whole thing. I hate Duke North almost as much as I hate regular Duke...ok not that much but a good amount...