Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Apologies in advance to Florida and Oklahoma

The ACC has been assigned to provide the officiating crew for tomorrow night's BCS Championship Game.

Loved this little capsule:
It's likely that ACC veteran Jack Childress will head the crew. Childress is no-nonsense, but sometimes he likes to throw the flag a little too much. If he is the head referee, with any luck, he will let some emotions flow and simply separate players.
Stating that Jack Childress "likes to throw the flag a little too much" is akin to saying the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima destroyed a few buildings.


Angus said...

Have they done a great job or what? This has been the best crew in a championship game yet!!!

Angus Broadwell

Lee said...

Terps made a good hire today for their vacant DC position.