Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Music City Dear God This Is A Game the ACC Must Not Lose Bowl Preview

Wednesday, 12/31/08, 3:30pm ET - LP Field, Nashville, TN
Series record: Boston College leads 2-0; the Eagles won the last meeting 19-6 in 1963
What may or may not happen: This is really all you need to know - Boston College ranks sixth nationally in total defense; the Commodores rank 118th in the nation in total offense. For the Eagles to lose, they would need to turn the ball over 5+ times, Vandy would have to play a clean offensive game, and special teams would have to totally and completely go the 'Dores way. It's not impossible, and you never know what a team's mindset will be after four weeks off and not being thrilled with their bowl destination. The Eagles dropped all the way to the ACC's 5th bowl slot after getting drilled by Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship Game (a game in which BC QB Dominique Davis was a special kind of horrid - here's hoping that performance was an awful fluke); Vandy dropped six of their last seven games, yet still earned the first bowl bid since 1982 - and it's 4 miles from their campus. Still, it can't be ignored that this is a defacto home game for the Commodores. Boston College 24, Vanderbilt 10


Marcus said...

Son of a bitch.

Lee said...

Man I hate BC. I even rooted for those sniveling privledged annoying Dook of the north #$%^suckers too. On my new TV no less. First entire game I watched on the new TV was this suckfest. Ugh...