Friday, December 5, 2008

Mission: Extremely Possible

Tomorrow's assignment, which I have chosen to accept:

--Awake at the crack of 8am

--Much coffee

--Avoid ESPN GameDay, ESPN Radio,, ESPN-nanobot-in-my-brain like the plague

--Bid the beloved wife farewell as her eyes (justifiably) roll through the back of her skull like a malfunctioning slot machine as I explain the day's endeavor

--Leisurely drive to the Raymond James Stadium metroplex (a trip of approximately 30 minutes on weekends, or 4.63 millenia on weekdays)

--Park in some kindly second-generation Cuban immigrant's (or some douchebaggy fifth-generation redneck's) front yard for $5, several blocks from the stadium

--Immerse myself in all that is the ACC Fanfest. And then get beer. Lots.

--Deface any likeness of Chris Fowler I find within 12 parsecs of the stadium

--Attempt to acquire an upper-level sideline ticket for under $10, or lower-level sideline ticket for $25 max, whichever comes first

--Snag a lower-level sideline ticket for $5 fifteen minutes before kickoff, from a desperate and smarmy scalper with a promise that he'll wash and wax my car during the game

--Sit in the upper level anyway because I need my space

--Hand count the actual attendance from my lofty perch and compare with the ACC/KGB's "official report"

--Enjoy said game

--Halftime = nap time!

--Take pics of said game

--Avoid the post-game concert like it's Chernobyl '86

--Make it home in one piece so I can bore you to tears with my game recap, or forget to post an update altogether

--Pass out

This post will self-destruct in...alright, you get it, let's not beat the theme to death here.


Hokie Guru said...

What a great game.

Isn't going to help my case, though.

Hokie Guru

Marcus said...

FSU (as you will bitterly remember) won the ACC Championship Game in 2005...and then got rid of Jeff Bowden toward the end of the following season. There's still hope for you;-)