Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bright and early Blog Pollin'

Nothing like submitting the ol' ballot while the images of Saturday's festivities are fresh in my mind...
1 Texas
2 Oklahoma
3 Alabama
4 Florida
5 Southern Cal
6 Texas Tech
7 Penn State
8 Utah
9 Oklahoma State
10 Missouri
11 Ohio State
12 Oregon State
13 Georgia
14 TCU
15 Georgia Tech
16 Boise State
17 Florida State
18 Cincinnati
19 Mississippi
20 Boston College
21 Ball State
22 Michigan State
23 Oregon
24 North Carolina
25 Pittsburgh
Dropped Out: Maryland (#21), Miami-FL (#23), LSU (#25)

Allow me to explain a few selections that might raise some eyebrows:

-Oregon State #12. It's all about the resume - beat #5 USC, lost to #7 Penn State, lost to #8 Utah close, handled a decent Cal team. The opening loss to Stanford looks pretty bad...but that was week one.
-Boise State #16. This may or may not be controversial. They're unbeaten, yes, but they played one real team all year, Oregon, and won in close fashion. The rest of their schedule has a combined record of 43-70.
-North Carolina #24. Before yesterday's debacle against the Wolfpack, their three previous losses were by 3 points to Va. Tech, 3 points in OT at Virginia, and 2 points at Maryland. And they blew out Boston College and Georgia Tech in the last month. And they seal-clubbed decent UConn and Rutgers teams earlier this season. They'd be Top 20 if the loss to NC State was respectable; 41-10 knocks them nearly off my ballot.
Whatcha think?


Anonymous said...

God Dammit.

You have fucked us again! What is wrong with you@

Stop winning Kulter Krugeman award! We're even more doomed now. Fuck.

Marcus said...

I wouldn't have f@$%ed us if other 'Nole blogs had the balls to not get caught up in superstitious bullcrap.

Seriously, who below us in my rankings has a better resume?