Thursday, October 9, 2008

Land mines in the end zone?

How else to explain the Demon Deacon aversion to scoring touchdowns in ACC games this season? Getting seven turnovers at FSU three weeks ago and zero touchdowns was, well, curious. Tonight, it's just stupid.

At present, it's Wake 3 - Clemson 0...7:10 in the third quarter.

The Deacons have done a masterful job of driving the ball up and down the field but OC Steve Lobotzke seems to think that his tricky formations and calls work on the two yard line the same as they do on the 50. My five-year old niece knows better. And because of that, a game Wake should be winning 24-0 is just 3-zip.

One busted play and Clemson can win this showdown despite being dominated for 99.998% of the game.

And the Tigers...if this effort holds, Rob Spence absolutely has to get the Tony Franklin treatment tomorrow. But that may be like putting out a kitchen fire after the neighborhood has been nuked.

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