Tuesday, September 23, 2008

About Last Saturday - Cliff's Notes Version

Damn work and other stuff will not allow me ample time for a proper recap, so please accept the following observations:

--N.C. State. The perfect reminder that college football lets you look like the most incompetent pile of dung one day and then lets you topple a Goliath the next. And ECU wasn't really a Goliath but they may as well have been considering how State looked in their first three games. Regardless, well done Wolfpack.
--Georgia Tech. Laying waste to an SEC school always earns my love and devotion, especially when said SEC team completely stifled another SEC "power" the week prior. And go figure - a young offense, with a new quarterback, learning a completely new system, has it together by game four (attention Seminoles).
--Virginia Tech in clutch conference games. Yes, they poop the field too often in non-league action and in bowl games, but they get it done when they need to in ACC play.
--Miami. Attention FSU...that's how you're supposed to look in a semi-bigtime nationally televised game with a very young team.
--Clemson. It appears that the Alabama-fog has finally cleared.
--Maryland. 51 points? Where was that against Delaware and MTSU?
--Boston College in a tricky game. A lot of the pundits pegged UCF to upset the Eagles in this one...yet BC won by four TDs and didn't really look all that great in the process. Nice problem to have.
--Florida State's defense. They kept what should've been a 42-3 Demon Deacon rout to a one-possession game until 2 minutes to go.
--Wake Forest's defense. They seemingly knew what the Noles were going to do on every play.

--North Carolina without TJ Yates. He ain't the greatest QB in the world, but he's a leader and the Heels immediately went kaput after he went down to an ankle fracture in the third quarter of their loss to the Hokies.
--Wake Forest's offense. When your opponent commits 12 penalties for 139 yards and turns the ball over seven times, scoring only 12 points in return is like winning the lottery a month ago and immediately investing 95% of the winnings in AIG stock...a once-in-a-lifetime windfall was almost completely pissed away.

--Florida State's offense. In their first big test with their supposedly revamped attack, Jimbo Fisher, Christian Ponder, the offensive line, the receivers, the running backs and to a lesser extent D'Vontrey Richardson all soiled themselves from the first play from scrimmage. A total disgrace.


Anonymous said...

Allow me to sum up Florida State's performance in one word: pieceofshitmotherfuckerassfuckwhatthefuckingHELLwasthat?!?!?!

It boggle the mind to think that somehow, after investing two years, tons of talent, and a supposedly comepetent offensive coordinator we put forth the WORST offensive performance in the history of time. That was a travesty. Thank god FSU has a defense full of warriors; that's the only thing keeping me from firebombing Doak Campbell so I don't have to watch Christian Ponder run around like a chicken with its head cut off ever again.

and in conclusion: f*** you Jimbo Fisher.

Marcus said...

Jimbo Fisher is not the problem. Jeff Bowden - horrid as he was - was not the problem. Bobby Bowden is the problem: "Mediocrity?...Does it bother me? I don't let it"