Saturday, September 6, 2008

Drive-By Musings

--Paul Johnson is going to show the rest of the ACC how criminally lame Al Groh, Ralph Friedgen and Tommy Bowden have been the last several years.

--Love the Cutcliffe...sure, Duke lost a close one to Northwestern tonight but 472 yards of total offense against the Wildcats means that actual competence on offense is slowly returning to the flotsam that is ACC football.

--Kudos to the Miami defense for the first 50 minutes in Gainesville. Holding the Gators and ESPN Gameday's Official Boycrush to nine (actually seven) points and 200 total yards until early-4th quarter was impressive. Too bad OC Patrick Nix still sucks all over the place.

--I don't care that their lone performance this year was against Western Carolina...Florida State's offense looks to be the best in the ACC thus far. NC State, Virginia and Maryland combined wouldn't hit 70-points on the Catamounts. The Seminoles scored 69 on a wet field without their best player.

--Frank Beamer and Bryan Stinespring keep playing Sean Glennon at their career peril. Why Tyrod Taylor doesn't see every single snap for the Hokies from now on is beyond me.

--East Carolina makes me sad for Wolfpack, Terp, Wahoo and Tiger fans. Shall we compare the salaries of Tom O'Brien, Ralph Friedgen, Al Groh and Tommy Bowden to Skip Holtz? We shan't, as Scanners-style cranium detonation is sure to ensue.

--Execution by Husky-frat-row-march to the officiating crew of the BYU-Washington fiasco.

--Jim Grobe, Riley Skinner and Sam Swank saved the ACC today. The way the Deacons confidently rallied with a minute left after an amazingly-stupid go ahead Ole Miss touchdown was so un-ACC-like that I wanted to hug someone.

I'm out for the next two days. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Give Tom OBrien the same amount of time Skip has had at ECU before you include him in that list. You are right about the others listed.

Marcus said...

O'Brien shouldn't get the luxury of time that Skip got, based on the amount of money involved. I would hope that NCSU isn't forking over $1 million+ per year to go 5-7, 5-7, 6-6, 7-5 for the next four years. O'Brien did not walk into a disaster, he walked into a situation that needed a kick-in-the-ass when it came to on and off-field discipline.

By next year, O'Brien needs to have NCSU comfortably in a bowl and no downturns after that for awhile. And, it would help if the Pack don't look like utter garbage for the rest of this season as well.

Justin Smith said...

Miami will never be great until Patrick Nix is fired. Nobody here at GT was sad to see him go. I personally laughed.

Anonymous said...

well then shouldn't you include every coach in the ACC but Grobe on the list?

O'Brien is 2 games into his second season, after a first season of signs of great coaching. Give the guy some time. You obviously don't follow wolfpack football if you think Amato left a lot of talent.

Marcus said...

I never said he left a ton of talent. But enough was left to avoid the cratering that the program looks headed toward this season. If you like O'Brien, that's great. I think he probably will get the Pack going, but it might take far too long given what he's being paid and considering he didn't inherit a mess - no probation, no mass exodus, good facilities.

"Give him some time" is becoming a too -oft repeated mantra at too many ACC programs these days. God forbid someone right their ship quickly.