Saturday, August 30, 2008

This Is Bullshit

Family-friendly posting has now gone bye-bye. These are the current scores of the ACC games in progress:

-UNC 21 - McNeese State 20, 1:00 3rd Q
-Duke 14 - James Madison 7, Halftime
-Alabama 23 - Clemson 3, Halftime (with just 89 total f%cking yards!)
-Boston College 21- Kent State 0, 11:54 4th Q

Combined with the general shittiness of earlier today (USC 52-Virginia 7, ECU 27-Va Tech 22, Maryland 14-Delaware 7) I'm pissed as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

The coaching in this league is one big pile of rotten ass outside of Jim Grobe, Jeff Jagodzinski, and Frank Beamer (although not today or last Jan. 3 or whenever I seem to watch the Hokies). And please excuse David Cutcliffe, Paul Johnson and their assistants from this rant as well - for now. Al Groh, Ralph Friedgen, Tommy Bowden and Tom O'Brien are borderline thieves when you consider the results they've delivered in comparison to the checks they cash. And Butch Davis is now on my shitlist with the turd the Heels are dropping against McNeese tonight; I guess 4-8 last year really was a shitty 4-8 and not the special 4-8 with sprinkles that I was deluded into believing. Randy Shannon is still the in-over-his-head-goober who lost 48-0 to Al Groh in the Orange Bowl finale last year. Even Bobby Bowden has irritated me today and his Noles didn't even play - but Joe Paterno just tied him in the Death Race, making up eight games in overall record over the last four years.

Too many of these millionaire coaches have either done nothing to deserve such riches, or are living off past - waaaaaaaay past - glory. The boosters of the schools with these shitty coaches had better demand more bang for their buck or else this same bullshit will rain down year after year after year.

Good night. Oh who the hell am I kidding, another beer. And then another salty and perhaps more profane rant if I can find the keyboard.


Brent said...

You said it. Amen. I feel great about Paul Johnson, although I shouldn't expect much this year. But with _this_ ACC, who knows? Good grief!

When Tech fired Chan Gailey, who never had a losing season, last year, the school faced some criticism. Not from me! It's a question of reaching an unacceptably low threshold of success. At some point, you say, "Enough is enough! We expect better." I wish the traditional ACC schools would step up and do the same. There's no good excuse for this mediocrity. Don't you think Clemson is questioning that contract extension they gave to Bowden last year?

Oh! Clemson just scored... Gotta go.

Brian said...


Anonymous said...

a-freaking-men. while we're trading out coaches can we get some competent QBs and OCs too? Please?!?

Anonymous said...

More profane rants! More profane rants!

Brian said...

marcus - it could be worse, we could be the Big East. 0-for-4 against FBS teams this weekend. Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Louisville and Syracuse lose to the MAC, WAC, SEC and the dregs of the Big Ten. That is whack.

And Big East reject East Carolina gets a marquee win over the ACC.

It could be worse ... I guess.

Marcus said...

Yes, the Big East is in a world of hurt as well...but their two highest ranked team steamrolled to victory on Saturday. The ACC's two highest ranked teams lost. The newest AP poll has ONE team from the ACC - Wake at #20. I have no words for that.