Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carnival Cruise Lines Hates ACCFR

That is my only logical conclusion from my experience aboard the Carnival Holiday this past week. We departed from Mobile, AL on Monday morning (July 28) and just got back today. Actually, I'm not quite back...I'm posting from the Mobile "Airport" waiting on a flight to Atlanta and then to Tampa. Anyway, like a good blogger, I had planned on posting a few entries here during those "Fun Days at Sea" in between ports of call.

But that was before my initial experience at the internet cafe on the ship, when I was told that their wireless service - whether I used my laptop or one of their desktop clunkers - was $0.70 a minute. Or perhaps I would like the "value rate" of $24.00 an hour, which at their internet speed half of my post title might be submitted before timing out. To hell with that. So that's why posting has been non-existent this past week and change. Blame Carnival.

And that three-hour wait in the stairwell and corridors on level five to disembark the ship this morning? Mi mucho pisso offo is how I believe the folks in Cozumel put it.

So anyway, things get back to normal starting Monday. It's nice to almost be home.

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Anonymous said...

welcome home man. now get cracking on that FSU preview :)