Friday, December 7, 2007

UPDATE: Officially Official - Paul Johnson to Georgia Tech

So sayeth Mr. College Football at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Great hire, assuming Admiral Johnson doesn't pull a Grobe and "sleep on it". The guy has a killer offensive mind and wins everywhere he goes. Being able to clear the academic hurdles at Navy and still make it to five straight bowl games makes his move to Georgia Tech a steal for the Yellow Jackets. Sure, he's not a smooth, polished, plaster-his-mug-everywhere Urban Meyer/Nick Saban/Pete Carroll prototype. He's more of the Mark Mangino/Ralph Friedgen variety - a bit surly, and not exactly a physical specimen that you want prominently portrayed on billboards all over town (although he's Chippendale material compared to Mangino and Fridge). But a winner he most certainly is.

Congrats Jackets. Officially.

Bringing sexy back to Georgia Tech

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