Thursday, December 6, 2007

Get Me Off This Crazy Thing

The coaching carousel as it relates to the ACC is starting to careen out of control. To wit...

---From seemingly out of nowhere, Jim Grobe appears headed for Arkansas. His name popped up in Razorback circles on Tuesday and the rest is supposedly history. Big loss for the ACC, huge get for the SEC if this plays out. Still...Arkansas?

---Speaking of Arkansas, Tommy Bowden deftly used them in order to secure yet another contract extension at Clemson. This might have been the least appealing result for Tiger faithful.

---Bobby Bowden has reportedly agreed to a one-year extension on his contract that ends next month. FSU OC Jimbo Fisher, who's name has popped up for various head coaching vacancies, will reportedly get a raise into the upper six-figures and will be named as Bobby's successor, whenever the Old Man decides to hang it up...which looks to be sooner rather than later.

---Georgia Tech and Paul Johnson need to poop or get off the pot. It appears that the job is Johnson's if he wants it, if he turns down a bigger payday at SMU of all places. Interim coach and DC Jon Tenuta appears to be the backup choice for the Jackets, with Georgia Southern's Chris Hatcher possibly still in the mix.

---Chan Gailey (ugh), Paul Johnson, Steve Logan, Skip Holtz, and David Cutcliffe are the prominent names involved with the Duke job. Whether Logan, Holtz and Cutcliffe are just parlaying the Devils' interest into a raise at their current gigs is anyone's guess. Grambling's Rod Broadway is being mentioned as a candidate as well.

---And if Grobe does in fact leave the Demon Deacons, Paul Johnson probably has yet another decision to make.

Michigan or Nebraska, I'd understand. But Arkansas? That's Nutty.

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