Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blog Poll Ballot, Post-Week 13: This Is No Longer A Power Poll

1Missouri 2
2West Virginia 2
3Ohio State 3
4Georgia 1
5Oklahoma 5
6LSU 5
7Kansas 5
8Virginia Tech--
9Southern Cal 2
10Florida 5
11Boston College 2
12Arizona State 5
13Clemson 3
14Illinois 4
15Hawaii 5
16Tennessee 1
17Cincinnati 5
18South Florida 1
19Virginia 5
20Texas 8
21Auburn 5
22Oregon 13
23Wake Forest 3
24Wisconsin 1
25Brigham Young 1

Dropped Out: Boise State (#21), Connecticut (#23)

Ballot Meditations
>>> I didn't look at last week's ballot, just started with a clean slate this week and ranked teams based on their overall resume this year. I've switched from power poll ranking to resume ranking. Why? Because, today, I think USC would beat everyone...and in a "power poll" that means they should be ranked #1 . But they don't deserve the top spot based on the whole season. So there you have it.

>>> Mizzou gets the nod at #1 (very strange to be typing "Mizzou" and "#1") over West Virginia due to schedule strength and overall domination of their opponents (closest win besides the Kansas victory was by 13 points).

>>> Oregon plummets. Losing Dixon is akin to UF losing Tebow. That's how valuable those guys are, and that's how shaky those teams actually are as well. Dixon is the difference between Oregon going 11-1 and 7-5. If I were ranking power poll-style, Oregon would be out of the poll altogether.

>>> Nonetheless, UF moves into the top 10. Their offense is unstoppable with Tebow and Harvin hitting on all cylinders. But, the Gators are walking a tightrope.

>>> Conference call...ACC (5 teams ranked), Big East (3), Big 10 (3), Big XII (4), Mountain West (1), Pac 10 (3), SEC (5), WAC (1)

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