Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blog Poll Ballot, Post-Week 10: Tranquility

You'll find a little movement here and there in my ballot (after all, two of my top five lost), but as a whole, this is my least mangled entry of the season. As always, feedback is welcome...

1Ohio State--
2LSU 1
3Oregon 1
4Kansas 3
5Oklahoma 1
6Missouri 3
7West Virginia 1
8Arizona State 3
9Boston College 7
11Virginia Tech--
12Southern Cal 1
13Georgia 1
14Clemson 2
15Texas 1
16Michigan 3
17Hawaii 2
18Auburn 3
19Florida 3
20Virginia 5
21Boise State 3
22Wake Forest 4
23Florida State 3
24Alabama 4
25Kentucky 1

Dropped Out: South Florida (#17), Kansas State (#23)

Ballot Meditations
>>>Kansas/Oklahoma/Missouri at 4-5-6. I've probably got the Jayhawks higher than most, but 76 points on anyone at this stage of the season - even against a Nebraska team in the tortured death throes of the Callahan Era - is a statement. Oklahoma's loss to Colorado is going to start hampering them in the 1-loss pack debate; the Buffs are 5-5 and have been annihilated twice in the last three weeks. Missouri is the quietest national title contender I can ever remember.

>>>The ACC (6) and SEC (6) comprise just under half of my Top 25. I'm sure I'll be the only voter with 6 ACC teams on my ballot; that's OK, I can defend it. Florida State has beaten BC and Alabama away from Tallahassee and has two close road losses to Clemson and Wake. The 'Noles loss at home to Miami is an albatross, but Michigan is in the Top 20 with the Appy State loss and Texas and USC are in the Top 15 with the Kansas State and Stanford losses. As for Wake, a one-point road defeat to #20 Virginia should not result in an exit from the poll. Bring it on, Tennessee-Illinois-Penn State-Cal-Arkansas rankers.

>>>USF...mass exodus from thou bandwagon shall commence. Back to your rightful place in the state hierarchy below UF and FSU.

>>>I'm not all that comfortable with where Hawaii and Boise State sit in the poll, but the glut of ho-hum 2, 3 and 4-loss major conference teams leaves me little choice but to put them where they are.

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