Monday, October 8, 2007

This Week's Gregarious Blog Poll Ballot

2Ohio State 2
4Boston College 3
5South Florida--
6Oregon 6
7Oklahoma 3
8Arizona State--
9South Carolina 5
10West Virginia 3
11Missouri 5
12Cincinnati 5
13Southern Cal 11
14Virginia Tech 7
15Kentucky 6
16Florida 5
17Florida State 3
18Illinois 8
19Kansas 7
20Colorado 6
21Wisconsin 15
22Connecticut 4
23Virginia 3
24Auburn 2
25Hawaii 1

Dropped Out: Georgia (#15), Kansas State (#18), Clemson (#19), Rutgers (#22), Purdue (#23), Texas (#24), Miami-FL (#25)

No real thoughts or comments...this ballot seems pretty legit and defensible to me. Questions, suggestions, praise, and ridicule are certainly welcome.


Anonymous said...

eventhough florida has 2 losses now, they are still better than prob every team listed between 8 and 15

Marcus said...

They barely beat a bad Ole Miss team two weeks ago, lost to unranked Auburn at home last week, then lost to LSU. Talent-wise, they should be better than teams 8-15, but the results say otherwise.

Anonymous said...

i think ole miss was an abbaration, and auburn was because they were looking ahead to lsu, but if the gators can play like that did in baton rouge, none of those 8-15 teams can beat them

and i'd take uf as a huge favorite against so cal this year

Marcus said...

I'm not buying the Auburn loss as a "look ahead". They were the only ones to beat UF last year. The Gators should've come out and punished them. Instead, they entered the 4th quarter with 3pts.

They played great against LSU, but how many abberations/look-ahead excuses does one team get?

They've got great talent, but it's not all in synch just yet. And they're a 7-5 club if Tebow goes down. Great teams shouldn't be that dependent on 1 player.