Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog Poll Ballot, Post-Week 9: I'm Getting Dizzy

Rank TeamChange
1Ohio State (9-0) --
2Boston College (8-0) 1
3LSU (7-1) 1
4Oregon (7-1)--
5Arizona State (8-0) 1
6Oklahoma (7-1) 1
7Kansas (8-0)--
8West Virginia (7-1) 1
9Missouri (7-1) 2
10Connecticut (7-1) 16
11Virginia Tech (6-2) 1
12Georgia (6-2) 14
13Southern Cal (6-2)--
14Texas (7-2) 2
15Hawaii (7-0) 2
16Clemson (6-2) 9
17USF (6-2) 9
18Wake Forest (6-2) 2
19Michigan (7-2) 5
20Alabama (6-2) 6
21Auburn (5-3)--
22Florida (5-3) 10
23Kansas State (5-3) 3
24Boise State (7-1) 2
25Virginia (7-2) 10

Dropped Out: Kentucky (#14), California (#18), Penn State (#19), South Carolina (#22), Rutgers (#23)

Ballot Meditations
None really. It is what it is. Feedback is certainly welcome.


Chirag said...

BC jumping LSU. I know many people are praising Ryan for his late heroics in the last 5 minutes to keep the BC title hopes alive, but the first 55 min of that game he was horrible.

Compare LSU and BC's only common opponent (VT), granted LSU played at home and BC on the road, but that doesn't explain away the vast differance in their margins of victory over VT.
LSU by 41 and BC by 4 ... LSU's mov is over 10x that of BC

Marcus said...

BC jumping LSU has everything to do with coming back from the dead, just as LSU did against Florida. Those were games BC and LSU should've lost, and despite being outplayed for most of the game, they won. Key difference, BC did it on the road, LSU at home.

LSU has yet to post anything close to an impressive road win. On top of that, their wins over UF and S. Carolina - as well as their LOSS to Kentucky - have all been devalued a bit over the last week.

LSU pounded the crap out of week Baton Rouge. In this crazy season, that's a lifetime ago and VT is a better team now than then.

In this nutty season, comparative scores don't hold up well. LSU beat Mississippi State by 45, Miss St beat Kentucky by 17, and Kentucky beat LSU by 6.