Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday News & Notes

--Some say it's a hasty move...but not I. Though he didn't set the world on fire against LSU, it's abundantly clear that freshman QB Tyrod Taylor gives the Hokies the best chance to do something, anything on offense, and he'll get the start this Saturday against Ohio.

--Likewise for Miami and Kyle Wright, although why he was unable to beat out Kirby Freeman in the spring and summer is still a mystery.

--Tom O'Brien says that he treated his return to Chestnut Hill like any other game. Uh-huh. Sure.

--138 rushing yards, 3 TDs, and still 3rd on the depth chart? What's Jonathan Dwyer gotta do to move up? The Yellow Jackets are enjoying an embarrassment of riches at running back this year.

--Good news for the Terps this Saturday: West Virginia's pass defense is a bit shoddy. The bad news: Maryland's passing offense is equally dilapidated.

--Slow but steady progress in Chapel Hill...instead of the typical Bunting-esque road annihilation, the Heels lost at the gun in Greenville last Saturday.

--'Tis a marathon, not a sprint Seminoles...apparently part of the reason FSU has looked downright dreadful in the first halves against Clemson and UAB is self-imposed pressure to return the program to the glory days of 45-7 butt-kickings. Halftime counseling from the coaching staff reminded the lads that just winning these games right now is kinda important.

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