Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Blog Poll Ballot, Week 2

Just in case you're not aware of this "Blog Poll" of which I speak, here's an explanation.

1Southern Cal--
2LSU 1
3Oklahoma 4
4West Virginia--
5Louisville 4
7Florida 1
8Texas 6
9Georgia Tech 1
10California 2
11Virginia Tech--
12Ohio State 1
13Rutgers 5
14Penn State 7
15Arkansas 2
16Hawaii 1
17Oregon 1
18Nebraska 1
19Georgia 7
20Boston College 6
21UCLA 1
22TCU 3
24Missouri 4
25Clemson 1

Dropped Out: Michigan (#5), Florida State (#14), Wake Forest (#24)

Games Watched: LSU-Mississippi State, Virginia Tech-East Carolina, Boston College-Wake Forest, Cal-Tennessee, Clemson-Florida State

>>Fare-thee-well to Michigan and Florida State, you must now play your way back in. Talent-wise, Michigan is a Top 10 team but the Appy State loss may prove to be so psychologically devastating that they never recover. FSU has to be at least gratified with their semi-comeback against Clemson, but I took a chance on a quicker fix and ranked them higher than most, and I looked like a homer for it. I retract my Atlantic Division Outlook prediction forthwith.

>>Texas' drop is deserved, but they're still a BCS title game contendah...they just don't get the benefit-of-the-doubt any more.

>> Oklahoma's Sam Bradford may have had the best debut by a redshirt freshman QB that I've ever seen. 21-of-23, 363 yards, 3 TDs, no picks and even managed to stay positive in rushing yards as well. And so the Sooners leap in the poll.

>>I've got a hunch now that Florida is still the team to beat in the SEC, although I'll withhold total judgment on that until after the LSU-Virginia Tech game.

>>Hawaii slips a notch based on other teams impressing more, rather than through any fault of their own.

>>Very lukewarm on Clemson, but given the other choices at 25 (Miami, Texas A&M, Auburn, Alabama), they get the nod for beating the best opponent among them.

>>Too many folks seem down on Tennessee after the Cal loss...sure, they got picked apart, but I can't think of 25 teams better than them from what I saw, read, and heard this weekend.

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