Thursday, August 2, 2007

Elsewhere in the ACC Blogosphere...

...the fine BC blog Heights and Lows waxes over the seeming disrespect thrust at Coach Jeff Jagodzinksi throughout the preseason. Personally, I don't think it's's a guarded, wait-and-see attitude. The guy's never been a head coach before. He had to replace his own OL coach in April, and he brings a distinctly different attitude and approach than did Tom O'Brien. And then, it's not like the Eagles operate in a vacuum. When you mix in the major changes at Florida State, the side stepping of O'Brien and his staff to NC State, and the "what to make of Wake" factor - and that's just in their own division - it's not hard to see why folks are holding back on BC-to-the-BCS predictions.

...Section Six continues to express his unmitigated delight over the end of the Amato Era. The glee at BC for being rid of O'Brien, and the joy at NC State for having him never ceases to amuse me.

...whatever floats your boat, Ramblin' Racket. Too Ron Howard circa-1973 if you ask me.

...Carolina March has a dandy write-up on ACC out of conference foes this season. You'd think that fella who muses about the entire ACC should have written that.

Many of my ACC blogging muchachos are still on a summer siesta, but go ahead and click over to them periodically over the next few weeks to see if their hibernations have come to an end.

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