Friday, July 20, 2007

A Few Quick Notes on Team Previews

--For those looking for long, in depth, thesis-length previews, you will be disappointed with mine. I'm not going to tell you much more than the folks at Athlon's, Lindy's, Sporting News, CFN, and Phil Steele already have. Here, you'll get concise, knowledgeable (well, mostly), possibly witty, and very opinionated outlooks. You should be able to digest my previews in a matter of minutes, so you can quickly go back to your spreadsheet when your boss makes his rounds near your cubicle and he or she will be none the wiser. Try getting away with that if you read one of MGoBlog's excellent catechism-length previews. Exactly.

--I will be projecting each team's probable wins, losses, as well as some I-don't-have-a-clue games. Just because I predict Team A to knock off Team B does not mean that I think Team A is the flat-out better team. Other factors such as when the game is played, where the game is played, and who those teams face before and after, play a crucial role. And the accursed Thursday Night Factor is probably going to screw everything up anyway.

--Keep in mind that 4 ACC teams (Boston College, Miami, North Carolina, N.C. State) have brand new coaching staffs this season, with a 5th club (Florida State) sporting 5 new faces on the sideline for 2007. That's a hefty percentage of the league in which I can't use past performance as a solid basis for this year's outlook. Just covering my ass here if and when some of these previews turn out to be near-slanderous.

--Forgive any seemingly careless mistakes that may appear in a preview, such as listing a player as returning this season, when in fact said player left the team in June because he accidentally sliced off three toes in a freak street-luge mishap. I try to stay well informed on each program, but if I goof something up, let me know and please have mercy on my soul.

Strictly forbidden offseason activity

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