Sunday, December 3, 2006

Tenacious Blog Poll Ballot

1Ohio State--
2Michigan 1
3Florida 1
4Louisville 2
6Boise State 1
7Oklahoma 1
8LSU 1
9Southern Cal 7
10Notre Dame 1
11Virginia Tech 2
12West Virginia 2
13Wake Forest 3
14Texas 1
15Arkansas 5
16Rutgers 4
17Auburn 2
18Tennessee 2
19Nebraska 2
20Brigham Young 2
21Texas A&M 2
22California 4
23Boston College 2
24Penn State 2
25Georgia Tech 4

Dropped Out: Hawaii (#24)

Games Watched: Wake Forest-Georgia Tech, UCLA-USC, Florida-Arkansas (2nd half)

--Congrats to Florida for selling their souls to the devil, while apparently using the Jedi Mind Trick on Lucifer and convincing him that he already collected. The Gators benefitted from a shocking rematch 10 years ago (that no one outside of FSU seemed to oppose) when they won their only national title, and now they get to benefit from an anti-rematch sentiment. Let me say this again...the only program in recorded history to win a national title in a rematch now gets selected to play for a national title because a rematch is viewed as undesirable. Staggering how karma rules skip right past Gainesville.
--I'll say it again. This season was one big stinkeroo. When Boise State is the #6 team in America, that's a problem. The whole bottom half of my poll just makes me yawn.
--Still, the moRose Bowl between Michigan and USC should be pretty dadgum good.


mobius said...

Just when I thought I couldn't hate the Gators any more they go and get every imaginable break to slime their way into the MNC game. Son of a bitch.

Worst season EVER!

Marcus said...

Every fan base has to go through torturous times of trial. Now, I will say the trial FSU fans have faced the last year (afterthoughts in basketball while UF won the title, worst football record in 30 years while UF plays for the title) is unprecedented, but oh well.

At least for me, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. There's nothing we can do about UF (except beat them when we have the chance), so if it's their destiny to win the football title, so be it.

As FSU fans, we should focus on what limited things we can do to help and improve the program, and believe me, the fan base has power. The fan base is why Jeff is gone and the fan base is why there was $537k to pay him to leave.

Worst Season ever? Yeah, probably. But it's still great to be a Nole.