Saturday, December 30, 2006

No, I Am Not Deliberately Neglecting Boston College... case you're wondering.

The naming of Jeff Jagodzinski as head coach occurred during my two-week hiatus away from All Things Blog, and then I had this pesky work thing this morning that prevented me from posting a Meineke Bowl preview.

As far as that Meineke Bowl goes, what a great way to bridge two eras. Extending that bowl win streak is more important than many think, as it gives BC their first 10-win season in 22 years, and the last-minute nature of the win will produce a high that could be carried over into the spring.

Now, about Coach "Jags"....color me absolutely neutral regarding the hire. The guy certainly has a more infectious personality than "TOB" and that will likely be a strong asset on the recruiting trail. Still, this is Jags' first head coaching gig, and he's been out of the college game for 8 seasons. Let's just say that there's going to be a learning curve. That said, if he can produce 9-3 type seasons year in and year out, and with a bit more flair than Tom O'Brien displayed, then all will be well in Chestnut Hill.

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