Monday, November 13, 2006

Uproarious Blog Poll Ballot

1Ohio State--
3Southern Cal 4
4Florida 2
5Arkansas 8
6Rutgers 4
7Notre Dame 4
8Boise State 6
9Louisville 6
10Wake Forest 7
11Wisconsin 1
12West Virginia 3
13Texas 9
14LSU 2
16Boston College 2
17California 9
18Auburn 13
19Maryland 4
20Tennessee 1
21Georgia Tech 1
22Virginia Tech--
23Nebraska 3
24Brigham Young--
25Hawaii 1

Dropped Out: Texas A&M (#21), Oregon (#25)

Games Watched: South Florida-Syracuse (don't ask), Maryland-Miami, Florida-South Carolina (4thQ), Arkansas-Tennessee (1stQ), Wake Forest-Florida State

--For this ballot, I took a little of Saturday's games into consideration, but for the most part really looked at the season as whole when ranking teams. Thus, you see some of the wild drops and rises, since I didn't even look where I had ranked teams last week.
--Example: USC jumps Florida from last week into the third spot. My reasoning...USC has clobbered 3 very good teams (Arkansas, Nebraska, Oregon), while Florida's big wins are a decent victory over LSU and a 1-point win over Tennessee. Both schools have had close calls against mediocre opponents (Washington, Washington State, Georgia, Vanderbilt) and both have 1-loss, on the road. Florida's loss was to a better opponent, but USC's came down to the final play.
--Example: Wake vaults past several teams based on their season, not necessarily on their 30-0 destruction of FSU in Tallahassee. The rout of the Noles just put into clearer focus what Wake had been doing all year. There is something to be said for a BCS conference team that has made it through the minefield of this season with just 1-loss so far, while winning quality games in the process.
--I am also firmly in the camp that believes there should just be an Ohio State-Michigan rematch in the BCS title game if next week's Buckeyes-Wolverines clash ends in even a somewhat close game (10pts or less).

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