Sunday, September 24, 2006

This Week's Blog Poll Ballot

I'm heading out of town this afternoon for a quick trip, so I filled my ballot out a bit early. Bash away, if you like.


1Ohio State--
2Southern Cal--
7West Virginia--
8Louisiana State 1
9Texas 1
10Virginia Tech 1
11Notre Dame 1
12Clemson 6
13Oklahoma 6
14TCU 2
15Boise State 2
16Tennessee 1
17Georgia 7
18Nebraska 1
19Oregon 1
20Iowa 1
21Florida State 1
22Rutgers 1
23Missouri 1
24Georgia Tech 2
25Boston College 11

Dropped Out: UCLA (#25).

Games Watched: Georgia Tech-Virginia (1st half), Ohio State-Penn State, Arkansas-Alabama (OTs), West Virginia-East Carolina (4th Q), NC State-Boston College, Florida-Kentucky (part of the 2nd Q), Notre Dame-Michigan State (last few minutes--holy crap!)

>>Yep, Georgia fell that far despite winning and remaining unbeaten. Getting shutout for 3.5 quarters at home to awful Colorado means you are not a great team. They're on their 3rd QB so far this season; not good to be so unstable at that position.
>>Oklahoma and Clemson appear very impressive. Both destroyed semi-respectable (read: non 1-AA) opponents after coming off emotional games the prior week.
>>I probably should've dropped BC out of the poll, but quite honestly I can't find anyone else suitable for #25--Wake? Not yet. Purdue? Get a defense. Texas A&M? ehhh. Cal? Whoopty-doo, they beat perenially overrated Arizona St again.

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