Sunday, September 17, 2006

This Week's Blog Poll Ballot

1Ohio State--
2Southern Cal 3
3Auburn 1
4Michigan 8
5Louisville 4
7West Virginia 1
8Texas 1
9Louisiana State 6
11Virginia Tech--
12Notre Dame 10
13Boise State 2
14Boston College 5
15Tennessee 1
16TCU 8
17Nebraska 4
18Clemson 3
19Oklahoma 1
20Oregon 4
21Iowa 1
22Florida State 5
24Missouri 1
25UCLA 1

Dropped out: Miami (#20)

Games Watched: Boston College-BYU, Louisville-Miami, Michigan-Notre Dame (2nd Quarter), Oregon-Oklahoma (4th Quarter), Clemson-Florida State

--Yes, Oregon dropped 4 spots in the poll (to #20) despite "winning" against Oklahoma (who dropped one to #19). The Sooners had the game snatched from them via the horrid onsides kick call and the nearly equally atrocious pass interference call on the subsequent Duck drive. And the Sooners still almost managed to win in the end, in Autzen, against the Ducks and the refs
--The Top 12 in my opinion is clear, and then there is a pretty steep drop-off.
--Miami is in no danger of re-entering this poll for quite some time. Florida State is teetering on dropping out as well, but quite frankly I'm largely unimpressed by everyone outside the Top 18

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