Friday, September 1, 2006

Random Thoughts: Boston College 31 - Central Michigan 24

  • Matt Ryan looked sharp and precise, but attempted a surprising 48 passes
  • A concern in the preseason, the Eagle receiving corps looks pretty solid now with Tony Gonzalez and the very coolly named Kevin Challenger
  • BC's paltry 2.7 yards per rush indicates a few problems with the OL, and more importantly the lack of an explosive running back (just as I said here; wheee, I'm so smart!)
  • The final score itself is not so much cause for alarm as is the auto-pilot mentality BC went into early in the fourth quarter. That'll bite them in the arse if they're in a similar situation against teams like Wake Forest and Virginia
  • Eight days and counting til Clemson comes to town. The Eagles may want to raise the intensity level by a notch or two for that one. Just a thought

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