Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Media Whinefest 2006: Florida State-Miami

What is the deal with the media horde panning the FSU-Miami game these last two seasons? Outside of the obvious - atrocious offensive line play on both sides - the game was not the horrid affair you are led to believe. Yes, both rushing attacks ker-flopped; see OL comment above. Both QBs were at 50% or above pass completions. There were just two turnovers all night. There were 15 penalties in total - not great, but less than in the Notre Dame-Georgia Tech skirmish, and I have yet to find an article or column bemoaning that game as a violation of the Geneva Convention.

Sorry fourth-estate-elitists, but FSU and Miami don't owe you a pristine football game. The last two years have seen that game come down to the very end, and now all of a sudden the contest itself sucks. And is it just me, but when Miami was winning ugly, defensive football games against FSU (see 2004, 2004 Orange Bowl, 2003, 1992, 1991) it was perfectly alright and the Canes "just found a way"? But now that FSU has found ways to pull out close wins against Miami, all of a sudden the games themselves are abominations, with nary a comment on how, gee, the Seminoles actually found a way to win and that at the end of the day, that's what flippin' matters.

Sheesh. Anyway, the list of the most prominent unhappy customers. Sorry fellas, you can't those 4 hours of your life back.

ESPN's Maisel
Sportsline's Dodd
SI's Mandel

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